New release from #Audiodose fam, #MunkBizz!!! ...

NEW RELEASE --> MunkBizz Presents: Planet of the Apes - This FREE #Mixtape is an homage to 1990s #GoldenEraHipHop .... by a crew of young spitters that grew up after the turn of the century. Recorded over 14 classic beats, unauthorized, but credited, #PlanetOfTheApes is intended not to challenge the original works, but pay respect to them, and celebrate a time when hip hop was at its best. #MunkBizz #Audiodose #AgainstTheBrain #SeattleMusic

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Super stoked to be performing at this truly one of a kind event on September 17th! AMDEF is a unique collaboration of artists, performers, and fashion designers which makes for a super sick cornucopia of awesomeness. Tickets are gonna go fast so get on it! ...

AMDEF 2016

September 17, 2016, 8:00pm - September 18, 2016, 4:00am

AMDEF brings together the communities of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion by fusing talents from various creative backgrounds to co-produce 6 hours of non-stop performances. Each act is an exclusive curation for this one-night-only experience. Join Active Entertainment's 9th annual AMDEF for Seattle's ultimate collaboration of the summer! Doors at 8. Show at 8:30 sharp. Tickets available at neumos.com/event/amdef-2016/ === | PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE | === - ACT 1: A collaborative runway showcase presented by Chance Fashion featuring DeLoach Wear, E'mit designs, Anastacia LeVasseur, and Charity Rosalind. - ACT 2: Sideshow performance by Wreckless Freeks & Little Bear the Bearded Lady with fashion provided by Raveology 101 & Moon Flower and a dance routine by Revv O'Hare. - ACT 3: Psychedelic punk band Flames Of Durga (Los Angeles) with runway segments by Punk Rock Hippie and Viva Lu Chi featuring body piercing by PittBull Suspension Crew. - ACT 4: Experimental hip hop / rock band Speaker Minds (Portland) featuring a drag performance by Jackie Hell and belly dancing by Lacey Lonning, all dressed by Cannaflage Designs (Medford) with a featured runway showcase by Kahini Fashion Shopping. - ACT 5: Hip hop artist Yak Nasty That Nilla & the Northwest Weirdoz collaborate with performing artists Zinck & Ashley Burton, all dressed by BubbleGunk with a featured runway showcase. - ACT 6: Hip hop artist Billy the Fridge collaborates with a burlesque performance by Ms Audrey Rugburn dressed by Uphoria, pole dancing by Marie Dolphin, and world renowned pole dancer Pantera Blacksmith, both dressed by Backpack Girl Bikinis. - ACT 7: EDM rapper Paradame collaborates with aerialist Alyssa Luna & a runway showcase by Paper Dollz Clothing. - ACT 8: Break beat DJ Dot Diggler collaborates with a Bollywood vs belly dance battle by Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti, accessorized by Ravishing Marketplace, with a featured runway showcase by Raveology 101. - ACT 9: House music DJ David Turner collaborates with burlesque performer Maggie McMuffin, dressed by Sarenia, a body suspension performance by Red X Roper, and a runway showcase by IDGAF & Epiphany Rose. - ACT 10: Wax-Martini Studios presents a live house music with instrumentalists Phil Pilon, Dan Bonnington, Sean Crouter, vocalists Katrina Kope and Eric Blu, all dressed by Uphoria Clothing collaborating with burlesque by Maggie McMuffin, and a runway showcase by Uphoria. - THE MEZZANINE will also be filled with local Artists & Vendors, including DeLoach Wear, KJ Jewelry, Autumn Tranquilino Art, Dominic Gomez, Red Alice, Esther Mathison and more! - Dark Horse Tattoo will also be hosting an "AMDEF Selfie contest," Take a selfie at the show, #AMDEF2016, winner will be awarded and tattood at the show! === | TALENT INFO | === ART: - KJ Jewelry: m.facebook.com/jewelryKJ/ - Autumn Tranquilino: www.autumntranquilino.com - IDGAF: www.facebook.com/idgaf.art/ - Esther Mathison: www.thedevicebook.com MUSIC: - Flames of Durga: flamesofdurga.com/ - Speaker Minds (Visiting from Portland) www.facebook.com/speakerminds/ - Yak Nasty That Nilla & The Northwest Weirdos: www.facebook.com/YakNastyThatNiLLa - Billy the Fridge: www.facebook.com/iambtf - Paradame: paradame.com/ - AV: www.audiodose.com/av/ - Dot Diggler: www.facebook.com/DJDOTDIGGLER - David Turner: www.djdavidturner.com/biography - Martini & Wax Presents: soundcloud.com/wax-martini DANCE: - Pantera Blacksmith: www.facebook.com/PanteraBlacksmith - Revv O'hare: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004185855356 - Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti: CultureShakti.com - Maggie McMuffin: www.facebook.com/McMuffinBurlesque - Ms. Audrey Rugburn: www.facebook.com/msaudrey.rugburn - The Dreamers: www.facebook.com/thedreamersfan ENTERTAINMENT: - Wreckless Freeks: www.facebook.com/WrecklessFreeks - Alyssa Luna: www.facebook.com/alyssa.luna.332 - Jackie Hell: www.facebook.com/jackie.hell - PittBull Suspension: www.facebook.com/PittBullSuspensionCrew/ - Red X Roper: www.facebook.com/RedXRoper FASHION: - BubbleGunk: www.facebook.com/BubbleGunk - Moon Flower: www.facebook.com/MoonFlowerMFY - Cannaflage Designs: www.facebook.com/Cannaflage-Designs-419734284795741 - Raveology 101: www.facebook.com/Raveology101/ - Kahini Kreative: www.facebook.com/KahiniFashionShopping - Uphoria: www.facebook.com/uphoriathebrand - Epiphany Rose: www.facebook.com/EpiphanyRoseDesigns - Charity Rosalind: www.facebook.com/charitytitialii10/ - E'Mit: www.facebook.com/emitdesigns - DeLoach Wear: www.facebook.com/lydia.deloach - Ravishing Marketplace: www.facebook.com/RavishingMarketplace/ - Backpack Girl Bikinis: www.facebook.com/bpgirldesigns www.facebook.com/Paper-Dollz-Clothing-123222457759823 - Feathers of Artemis: www.facebook.com/FeathersOfArtemis - Punk Rock Hippie - Sarenia === | REVIEWS | === "Giving an awestruck crowd a look at what happens when paint, bodies and music come together for a beautiful spectacle." - Seattle Weekly "Rowdy, raw, and highly recommended." - Art Nerd Seattle "A non-stop show that tantalizes the eyes and teases all the senses" - Ask Miss A See videos at www.youtube.com/SeattleEntertainment Pix at www.facebook.com/SeattleAMDEF AMDEF is produced by Active Entertainment, supporting a culture of the arts since 2008.

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New Release from our Audiodose brethren, Miccie Macc - Victims Vol 2 - FREE Download - Get it now! Congrats on the new project, homie! W/ Mecayl Julian Luco #MiccieMacc #MadPeople #Audiodose #SeattleMusic #HipHop ...

6 track album

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Super stoked to be collaborating with you at AMDEF 2016. You're music is banging and I lover yer style. Much love to you pretty! Have a great day <3 ...

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Seattle's 9th annual collaboration of Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion hits Neumos September 17th for AMDEF 2016! Get your tickets in advance at neumos.com/event/amdef-2016/

Image created by Ryan Patrick Murray featuring a few of the Artists participating in this years event, including:

Wreckless Freeks / sideshow.
Paradame / EMD / Hip-Hop.
Yak Nasty That Nilla and Damon Dabbz / Hip Hop.
Revv O'Hare & Miyoung Seul Margolis / Dance.
Juliet Dang, Kiara Le Blanc, and Sabrina Osborn in designs by Mac Fashion House.

For a full talent roster, make sure to visit www.facebook.com/events/777027765759417/

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